bluray to nas

Synology NAS is a great investment for people who has limit storage in their home. If you have Synology NAS devices, such as DS411slim, D212j, etc., you may want to copy the blu-ray collection to the Synology NAS drive for viewing through streaming VCD (PS3, WD TV, etc.). And the NAS is really just a big file store, and you might find it a little difficult to copy the blu-ray files to the NAS, if you want to learn about blu-ray movies and put them on Synology NAS. Read on.

To back up dozens of blu-ray movies to Synology NAS devices, you need to remove the AACS protection from the blu-ray disc. So you need to add an intermediate step. Crobsoft Video Converter can help you quickly convert blu-ray discs to NAS format while maintaining the original quality.

With it, cracking the blu-ray disc to Synology NAS is a very simple process. You just need to import the blu-ray disc to Crobsoft  then select the video/audio params, click “Convert”, at the end you will get the good video file for you.


Note that this guide uses the screenshots of Video Converter Windows (Windows 8 included) version. The operation on Mac OS X is almost the same, just get the similar version.

Step 1. Add videos to the converter

Step 2. Select the output video format

Step 3. Specify the video, audio settings

Tip: You can output multiple audio/subtitle stream for mkv/mp4 format.

Step 5. Give the output file some effect

Tip: We will add more effects in the future.

Step 5. Start to convert 

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