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This guide will show you how to convert videos from DVDs (which can be major movies / features or add-ons) to MP4 files to store and view video iPods. This guide is intended for new users who wish to switch to TV programs or other content from their DVD favorites instead of re-buying from iTunes (because you have the right to do so). This guide uses Crobsoft Video Converter Ultimate. This product is of high quality and easy to use.

What is the function of Crobsoft Video Converter Ultimate?

It can open the DVD folder stored on the hard drive, and then let you choose the content to be converted to MP4. In addition to supporting the conversion to ipod, it can also output video for Sony games Portable (PSP), Windows Mobile Smartphone, XBox 360, various smart TVs.

Introduction and requirements

This guide assumes that you know how to use itunes to add videos to your ipod (File – >> Import, select the video you want, then click the video in itunes and drag the video to your ipod). At the end of this guide, you will have a result of an MP4 file that you can view on your computer and then send it directly to your iPod by using iTunes.

I suggest that because DVDs have a long conversion time, you should disable any screensavers or scheduled tasks. Scheduled tasks may include virus scanning, updates, and malware scanning. These may slow down the conversion speed.

First you select an input DVD folder. Let’s take a look and then do it again. The first thing you see is to select the fields of the DVD video file source. To browse to a folder that stores DVD files (VOB, IFO, BUP), click the “Little Browsing” button next to this field.

The following are two main parts. On the left, you have a message and a preview window, and you will soon be able to switch by clicking the appropriate tab. The right side is a video title list. This will provide you with some information about DVD. Dvd discs are made up of titles, usually in retail movies dvd or TV series dvd, all features have separate headings (eg each episode will be a different title). You do not have to worry about not knowing the correct title because you will be able to preview the video. It also shows the number of chapters in each title, run time, and audio settings.

Choose what you want

Open the DVD folder. You can play the preview directly. Use the preview option to determine the required headers.The information window (click on the information TAB when you select the title) will display the available chapters, audio streams, and subtitles in the tracks. We will choose these options soon.

If you only want to select a title, such as a song that is played as part of a concert DVD, then click the “preview” TAB after selecting the title and clicking on each section.


Now you have the opportunity to choose the tracks to convert. If you have multiple tracks on the title of your choice, you will arrange them by language.

Select (use # # as the title number you selected on the previous screen) by configuring the circle radio button next to each of the following audio streams in the title # stream.

When you select, click next.

Output method window

This window allows you to change some quality Settings. Note that there is a DVD configuration window on the left. This is just a real reminder of what you choose in your previous window. On the right we have the Output method option.

In general, higher resolution yields higher quality, but you must also remember that iPods have small screens. So the average resolution is not too high.


The only thing you need to do is click Convert Button.

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