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Introduce There are no DVD slots in the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, but you can easily play DVDS on these devices or record them on your computer without having to use the DVD again. This is the same as iTunes, which allows you to store all your DVD in a computer so you don't need to insert a CD anymore. Even better, you can store dozens of DVDS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere, anytime you want. Better, it's free! Better yet, once you do this, the DVD is just playing, without any menu between you and the movie. They can play it just by clicking. I do this on the Mac if you're somewhere else, it should be the same job.

An overview

We’re going to go:

  • Make new files on our DVD
  • Copy these new video files to iTunes, and then
  • Use iTunes to transfer them to our iPad, iPhone or Ipod Touch.


Step-by-step instructions

From DVD to computer

         Update 2014 in my new Mac Pro and operating system 10.9 mavs, I switched to using a program called Crobsoft Video Converter instead of Handbrake. Handbrake doesn’t seem to work on my latest Mac, and Crobsoft is super simple, much easier than using a free handbrake program:

  1. import DVD in Crobsoft Video Converter.
  2. select the output option of MP4 / M4V/MOV and convert the DVD to video file.
  3. Before converting, you can edit video to add various effects to video.

Graphics Settings

Do not change any encoding Settings! They are perfect.

My Crobsoft copy defaults to a constant quality RF: 20, which means most movies are encoded in about 1GB of M4V files. Some films are only 500 MB, and other films may be more than 2GB. It all depends on the details and the motion of the movie.

The films that are filmed on camera tend to have all the focus and shoot at 60 video speeds per second, so they make big files. The focus of the film on SLR or 35mm film is much less, usually running at 24 or 23.98 frames per second, so they can make smaller files.

If you’re shooting a DVD at 4:3, you’re perfectly suited to the iPad’s screen. If to 16:9, 1.85:1 or 2.40:1, unless you click the zoom button in the process of the play, otherwise you will be at the top and bottom with black stripes, in this case, you can only see the center.

Copy the new file to the the iTunes

  1. Find the file that has just been converted to the computer and drag it onto the iTunes icon.When files are copied to iTunes, you may see a progress bar.After the completion of the replication, the movie will begin playing in iTunes.
  2. You can now play the movie you want on your computer.
  3. When you click the “movie” near the top of the iTunes library on the left, it will show you and all the other DVDS you recorded on your computer. ITunes can be the place where you store all the movies, just like iTunes for music.

If you like, you can play everything from Mac.

Copy the movie to the iPad, iPod or top of the iPhone

You need iTunes and iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to sync with iTunes to your computer. If you need help, check out the iTunes Store’s secret or ask the Apple Store. When you buy an iPod, iPad or iPhone, you may set it back. When connecting the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to the computer, click the icon on the left of iTunes.

  1. click on the “movie” at the top of iTunes.
  2. Make sure to check the “sync movie” to copy the movie to the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.The iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can only accommodate the same movies as GB. As a result, 16 gb of devices may hold 16 DVDS. This means that you may not be able to copy the entire DVD library to your device at once, and you’ll have to choose the movie you want at any time.
  3. If your device has enough memory (as shown in the figure), check to “automatically include everything”, or not check and select a movie to be recorded in the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.
  4. click “sync” at the bottom, and the movie will be copied to your device. Each movie takes a few minutes.
  5. To change the movie on the device, please connect the device, change the options under the movie TAB, and then synchronize again. Each new film takes a few minutes to replicate.

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