wanted to back up the Disney DVD I bought for my kids, but unfortunately I failed. Some friends told me it was because the DVD had 99 titles and was protected by Disney's x-project DRM. What is it? Can I remove such copy protection? Is there any way to decrypt and rip Disney DVDS?

What is 99-title DVD?

If you’re a regular DVD buyer, you’re also cautious, and you might notice that in many cases, newly purchased movies have a lot of superfluous movie titles, like 99 titles. Like a curse, the 99-title DVD seems unlikely to be backed up into a digital format (again, it’s always a crazy 40GB file size). Disney, Warner Brothers and Paramount’s movie DVDS share this common rule. But other than that, gym DVDS, DVDS and other special types of DVDS are usually the same. This is a complex copy protection mechanism designed to prevent DVD privacy.

What is Disney X-project DRM?

The abbreviation of digital copyright management(DRM) is a series of access control or replication protection techniques to suppress the use of digital content that content providers do not wish or anticipate. Walt Disney (Disney), a well-known DVD publisher and publisher, applies DRM to copyright protection.

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How to Judge If DVDs Are Protected by Disney Copy Protection System?

  1. the Disney copy protects the DVD with 99 titles and the DVD size is greater than 40 GB.
  2. DVDS on DVD players can’t play and can’t match protected DVDS. You have to find another DVD player that you can use.
  3. when you copy Disney’s protected DVD with a normal DVD backup tool, the error message pops up or the program crashes.
  4. the new copy protection prevents the DVD from being torn apart by the regular DVD ripper, and video, converted from DVD, will lose order, chaos or trapped in a loop.
  5. if the error decoding scheme is abused, it may even shorten the life of the DVD drive.

Disney, Paramount and warner, among others, have widely used Disney’s copyright protection. Previous popular Disney movies (i.e.). Star Wars: The Force awakening “, “Star Wars: The Force awakening (The Force Awakens),” The Star Wars: The Force awakening “(The Force Awakens), The awakening of Star Wars: The Force (The Force Awakens),” Star Wars “(The Force Awakens), Star Wars (The Force Awakens),” Cinderella “(Cinderella), (6) The Big Hero” Hero “, “sleeping curse” (Maleficent), “doll” (Muppets) : “The Milky Way to protect The beauty and The beast,” pirates of The Caribbean: dead man doesn’t tell stories, car 3 “strict protection. You may need tools to deal with The DVD movie, with better entertainment or avoid damage your DVDS.

How to Backup Disney Copy Protected DVDs?

We are sure that most of you suffered collateral damage when the DVD was wrongly handled. It is recommended to use a backup copy and save the original file for security. You need a DVD backup software to implement it. However, when dealing with the recently released DVD, you may have a problem – your DVD backup software crashes or your work isn’t working properly. You can assume that your DVD is being used for the Disney copy protection system. What you need is a reliable DVD copy tool to handle Disney copy protected DVD.

Most of the DVD copies of the program does not support DVD decrypt Disney copyright protection, including the famous DVD clone, K9Copy, DVD43, DVD95, etc., but some powerful DVD ripper, such as Crob DVD ripper platinum or Disc copy software, such as Crobsoft Disc Copier, can remove this powerful DVD copy protection. For example, the Crob DVD Ripper Platinum can unlock and rip Disney DVDS to MP4 or other formats and select the appropriate titles for each user.

However, ripping DVD business may bypass used on Disney CD copy protection system, therefore, to some extent, the use of this software is legal is problematic – even if you have a DVD, and just watch it in another form. Therefore, before ripping off the Disney protection DVD, you must consult your country’s relevant laws and make sure that the copy is not for commercial use at all.

Is there Any Free Disney DVD Ripper/Copy Software?

Is handbrake the best free software? Some people may be crying out for answers to this question. The HandBrake is a free, open source Windows or Mac video transmission program that can tear off partially encrypted and unencrypted DVDS. Unfortunately, the handbrake does not support ripping Disney DVDS into MP4 / MKV. In fact, there is no free software that can fully support Disney’s tricks, DVDS from Disney’s x-project DRM.

So if you want to put Disney’s encrypted DVD, try Crob DVD ripper platinum, the best Windows DVD ripper to Disney x-project DRM,CSS keys, regional code, SONY ARccOS uop, and so on. It not only helps to classic Disney DVD copy child like princess and the frog, Alice in wonderland, cars, car 2, toy story, frozen, revenge of spider-man, Peter pan, real steel, good dinosaur, tomorrowland, captain America: the winter of soldiers, marvel avengers: proud beast era, “ant people, destroy it Ralph and mulan, also has been updated to the latest Disney DVD, such as beauty and the beast (2017). This is a very good method, for your child to make Christmas a backup, in case the disc may be scratched, damaged or aging.

Best Solution to Rip Disney DVDs for Playback

Crob DVD Ripper Platinum – Rip and convert any Disney movie DVDs to MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, FLV, M2TS, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Samsung, PSP etc.


How to Copy and Rip Disney DRM-ed DVDs

Before backing up the Disney DVD, make sure your computer’s operating system and then download the correct DVD ripper software.

Because the way to copy a Disney DVD is similar, here we’re just using the Windows version as a demo. Please install the Crob DVD ripper platinum(Crob Video Converter Ultimate) and close other software that may conflict.

add-fileStep 1. Insert Disney movie DVD:

Start Crob DVD ripper platinum, insert your Disney DVD into the computer DVD – ROM, and click on the DVD disc button to load the movie. After importing the DVD, the software will automatically detect the correct title so that you can retrieve the DVD from the main movie content in the correct order.

Step 2. Select an output:

Scroll down the output configuration file and select the output format you want. Your Disney DVD can be converted to MP4,AVI, WMV, PC/Mac MOV video, suitable for apple/Android/Microsoft/SONY devices or websites, and save to a music file. For example, Disney DVD rip software supports ripping Disney DVDS into the iPhone 7(Plus): apple devices – > to iPhone video-> iPhone 7,Plus(MPEG4 or H). 264 codec).

Step 3. Personal Settings:

You can set up some personal Settings, such as select several titles, click “merge title”, and combine them into one, clip video clips, cutting area, and cut off the movie don’t need to select or add subtitle and set up the label. It is recommended that you change the destination of the saved file before ripping it off.

Step 4. Start ripping up your Disney movie DVD:

Just click the “run” button to complete the machine, and you can do other things before you complete the DVD backup. By supporting advanced hardware acceleration, the Crob DVD ripper can make full use of Intel’s quick sync (QSV) and NVidia NVENC to speed up the DVD’s tearing or backup to 16x faster.

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