The Blu-ray disc standard requires that all pre-recorded discs be protected by copyright protection schemes. The copy protection used on a pre-recorded disc is only applicable to the stream file, not to any other file that forms the format(it means that only the m2ts and the ssif file be protected). Pre-recorded discs have several different levels of copy protection. AACS is a kind of encryption of the schemes. Today, we’ll show you how to remove encryption (AACS) from Blu-ray.

What is AACS encryption?

The first layer of the pre-recorded disc copy protection is AACS authorization management, development by advanced access content systems (AACS), the system consists of Disney, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Toshiba, panasonic, warner bros and companies such as SONY. It is based on advanced encryption standards (AES), a powerful 128-bit encryption system developed by the U.S. government.

AACS includes a system, according to the system, the key can be assigned to a specific players , if it make sure the key has been destroyed, the future will be “undo” blu-ray disc. When a newer blu-ray disc insert an old driver, the driver was asked to check on the disk “media key blocks” (MKB) version, if the new version of it than drive internal update, then can be copied to the permanent new MKB non-volatile memory. Therefore, playing the updated disc propagates the cancelled key list to all drives.

AACS was broken at the end of 2006 and many of the AACS decryption programs can be found on the Internet. However, the critical revocation system ensures that the AACS licensing and hacker communities continue to play cat and mouse games.

Remove AACS encryption from Bluray

Is it legal to delete blu-ray AACS copy protection?

Although remove blu-ray copy plan involves legal issues, but many people believe that cancel the blu-ray disc encryption is legitimate, because they feel “fair use” in the copyright law should cover the terms of any object to remove encryption. The good news is that in 2010, congressional librarians designated some exemptions from the anti-circumvention clause that defined the DMCA. These are all described as:

What you need:

To decrypt blu-ray AACS, you need a blu-ray decryptor. For the following reasons, we recommend Crobsoft Video Converter Ultimate:


read DVDS and blu-ray discs

  1.  read the DVD – video(VIDEO_TS.IFO) folder, the blu-ray (BDMV) disc/folder
  2.  read blu-ray discs with the latest version of AACS,BD +, MKB v61,MKB v62.
  3.  quick conversion – the conversion speed is as fast as your drive can read data.
  4.  no additional software is required for conversion or decryption.
  5.  capture blu-ray/DVD to FLAC, WMA, MKV, MP3 and other audio files.
  6.  especally, it has a built-in bluray player.
  7.  decrypt and copy the full disc to you local disc.

Start removing blu-ray AACS and backup blu-ray discs

Step 1: download and install the blu-ray ripper for free. After that, start the blu-ray ripper and click “Open Bluray” to load the blu-ray movie files

Load blu-ray

Step 2: click on the “format” drop-down list, choose the output format

You can put your blu-ray discs on the NAS, or load them to the USB hard disk, and then the Vizio 4 k, SONY Bravia TV, samsung, etc on the blu-ray movies, TV, or you can through the apple TV, iPhone, and the fuzzy of video transmission on iTunes.


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