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 "I have a lot of old TV sets that I want to convert into." Avi files on my android tablet and on TV.
 I have found your software by recommendation. My company assessed used ships and we used DVDS to record ships, but now we want to convert DVDS into USB flash drives for our customers.

Rip DVD to USB flash drive is mainly for DVD content play and management. Today, a large number of computers do not have DVD drives, so users cannot play DVDs directly. It’s also one of the reasons Microsoft’s Windows 10 built-in DVD playback function. Moreover, even if someone has a computer with a DVD drive, he or she may still be reluctant to carry a fragile, space-hogging DVD. suggests investing in a flash drive that might better store the data for us. Luckily, a computer is always equipped with several USB ports. If you’ve converted a DVD into a USB drive, you can play the DVD on a computer without a DVD drive, and you can’t have any problems with it. When prices fell sharply, USB storage capacity soared. We can easily get 256GB of USB flash drives, even 512GB and 1TB. So we can convert a lot of DVD movies into solid-state u disk drives, save a lot of cubic space in our house, and work with us on the movie collection.


How to Rip/Copy DVD to USB Drive for Free?

Home-made and encrypted DVD movies can be torn and saved to USB drives using the Crobsoft DVD ripper [100% free and clean]. After USB connection to the device, these video can be played and used.




People inevitably need to store DVDS from SanDisk, Kingston, SONY, Toshiba, Seagate, or other branded portable USB drives (16GB, 32GB, 64GB, etc.). So how do you do that? A DVD ripper is what we need. We can easily use these tools Google, free and paid, clean and AD support. There is no doubt that picking a satisfied one is a difficult task.

If you want free use of rip DVD to USB drive, we have some good free DVD ripper recommendations, namely Crobsoft DVD ripper, handbrake, MakeMKV,DVD shrink, and Freemake Vide converter. But side by side comparison, Crob DVD ripper is the best one, because they do not have the ability to tear a homemade copyrighted DVD, DVD and USB flash disk, versatile output, MP4, WMV, MPEG, MOV, etc.), a fast track, because of hyper-threading technology and super coding engine based on MMX – SSE & 3 dnow, super audio output video quality, video editing options, and so on.

The Crobsoft DVD ripper allows users to burn rip DVDS to USB drives, DVDS to Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, etc.



Here, we introduce the completely free DVD ripping software program-Crob DVD ripper. Please download and install it on your computer for free.


Step 1: insert the DVD you need to rip into a USB drive.

Double-click to open the Crob DVD ripper, then insert the target DVD to your DVD – ROM, and click the “DVD” button to load the DVD you just inserted. By the way, you can also import DVD folder conversion from your computer hard disk.

Step 2: select the output video format.

USB flash drive supports storing almost all types of video format. However, when connected to a playback device, the video file should be the format acceptable to the device, such as a smart TV, a computer, and a desktop. So, you need to figure out the exact type of video that you want to play on DVD video. For portable devices including Android tablets, MP4 has a wide range of applications/receptivity, good video quality and small file size. For TV, MPEG format is currently accepted by most brands.

“Quality” is another factor that many movie fans care about. If you want to burn a DVD to a USB drive without mass loss, we recommend that you select the “ISO image file” or other option, in the “DVD backup” mode of Crob DVD Ripper platinum. This mode is fast and 100% quality maintenance.

Step 3. Set your USB drive to the output folder.

Insert your USB drive into the computer, and then click the “browse” button to select a folder of flash drives to store files torn from the DVD.

Step 4: start ripping DVD to USB drive.

If you have nothing to adjust, just click on the big “start” button and start the quick DVD to USB drive ripping and conversion process!

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