If you have some VOB files in your hands, they are copied/extracted from the DVD. VOB stands for DVD video, a core file that contains actual movie data, MPEG movie streams, and DVDS that support audio.

To play the VOB file, you need a DVD player that supports VOB format. However, if you have Windows Media Player (version 12 or higher) or VLC Media Player, they are good players. Note that if you use these software to open VOB files, you will see a prompt that tells you that it is unsupported in the format and that VOB is normal to play.

If you want to get the VOB file from DVD, if you open the DVD in the Windows explorer, instead of playing it through the media player. The VOB file is likely to be under the VIDEO_TS folder. Other files that you’ll see in the folder are IFO and BUP. The IFO file is an information file that contains metadata about the DVD and how the DVD player handles the CD. The BUP file is just a backup copy of the IFO file. Please note that the VOB file on DVD cannot be copied directly from the DVD disc, because commercial DVD is protected, and direct copy is likely to get the wrong file.

If you want to convert the VOB file to AVI or a similar format, Crobsoft Video Convereter is a great tool. You just need to use the software to turn on the DVD, and then you can choose to backup the DVD, or you can convert the DVD Title to some video format, like MP4.


Note that this guide uses the screenshots of Video Converter Windows (Windows 8 included) version. The operation on Mac OS X is almost the same, just get the similar version.

Step 1. Add videos to the converter

Step 2. Select the output video format

Step 3. Specify the video, audio settings

Tip: You can output multiple audio/subtitle stream for mkv/mp4 format.

Step 5. Give the output file some effect

Tip: We will add more effects in the future.

Step 5. Start to convert 


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